David M. Wyatt – Owner

David Wyatt started the company in 1970 and is actively involved in every project Wyatt builds. He has experience in managing all types of construction—residential, commercial, mixed use, hotels, etc. His role in any project would be as overall coordinator of Wyatt Construction’s effort. He would attend most meetings with the development team as well as being active in subcontractor and supplier negotiations. He is actively involved with the Boulder community and has spearheaded Wyatt Construction’s work with various community based projects such as The Boulder Valley Humane Society, Thistle Community Housing, and the YMCA in both Boulder and Lafayette.

John D. Wyatt – Project Manager

John Wyatt has been with Wyatt Construction full time since his graduation from the University of Colorado in 1987. He serves as Project Manager – supervising site personnel, conducting site reviews and quality control as well as being active in the interface with the development team, pricing and scheduling. He is very experienced with City of Boulder personnel and processes (he is an active member of the Planning and Development Services Advisory Committee) as well as having been the Project Manager on the recently completed, core and shell LEED Silver certified 1155 Canyon Building. John has extensive estimating experience in all types of construction and is actively involved in the Boulder not-for-profit community.